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About this site is an online dog lovers community where users can create their own FREE dog blogs. You will get your own dog blog address so you can share your dog pictures with family and friends. Write about your dogs and share experiences with other owners or breeders and build an online network of friends who share the same dog interests as you do. You can check our articles section to see if there is some useful information, and we supply dog lovers with detailed breed information for all dog breeds including pictures of dogs and puppies.

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breed: N/A
gender: female
birth date: N/A
owner: Tyka Maria
description: My name is Tyka. I am 2 years old. My mother loves to let people know of all our adventures. I love camping, canoeing and swimming but most of all I love helping people because I am a registered Service Dog. I am a mix of American Pittbull and German Shepherd. My momma says I am very smart and learn very quickly. I hope you all enjoy the many stories and pictures I will be sharing.

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Before Surgery
23-Apr-2015, 10:35:09, dog: Tyka, owner:Tyka Maria

Thank you Bellevue Animal Clinic for taken care of me

My accident
23-Apr-2015, 10:29:53, dog: Tyka, owner:Tyka Maria

I got my tail stuck in car. My momma brought me to the doctor. They will be putting me in surgery. When I am done I will be a nubby. Its not the tail that makes the dog. I have plenty of love to go around.
Here is my before picture. Tomarrow I will post an after pic. Wish me luck.

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We supply dog lovers with detailed breed information for all dog breeds including pictures of dogs and contact information for dog breeders with a puppy for sale. Here is one random breed:

South Russian Ovtcharka
South Russian Ovtcharka
breed group: Flock Guardian
weight: 108 - 110 lbs
height: 24 - 25 inches
color: Mainly white but also white and yellow, straw color, grayish (ashen gray) and other shades of gray; white lightly marked with gray, gray speckled

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